Frequently Asked Questions

Q - Is Veloxinet available where I live?

A - Please contact us via this link or by phone at (217)793-6386.

Q - Does Veloxinet require a phone line?

A - No. Veloxinet is transmitted over our own infrastructure to your premesis. Therefore, it will not tie up your phone line.

Q - What is the service actually going to cost?

A - The price shown on our website is our actual price - no hidden fees and no tricks.

Q - Are there any limits to bandwidth usage?

A - Every Veloxinet plan comes with unlimited data usage - no worrying about overage charges.

Q - How is Veloxinet delivered to my house?

A - Veloxinet is delivered via fiber optics and wireless technology. Fiber optic internet works via light transmitted over a glass fiber to an demarcation box at your location. Wireless connects you via an outdoor antenna at your location pointed at one of our network sites.

Q - What is the difference between latency and download/upload rates?

A - Latency is the time it take for information to travel to and from your home via your internet connection. Generally speaking, this is measured in ms (milliseconds). To use an analogy, if your internet connection was a road, the speed at which traffic was moving would be the latency and the bandwidth (measured in mbps - or megabits per second) would be how wide the road is or how much traffic can move at one time. Things like VoIP (internet telephone) and online gaming work better with a lower latency connection.

Q - Additional questions?

A - Please contact us